Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Open-Borders State Rep. Nick Marshall (MO-30) A Sitting Duck?

Nick Marshall MO-30

Open-Borders State Representative (elect) Nicholas Marshall (MO-30) A Sitting Duck?

By Political Analyst

Do you live in the Northland and want to be in the Missouri House? Well, here's your chance....

Apparently, Republican Nicholas A. Marshall (Missouri 30th House District) defeated Lexi Norris yesterday.

On a conservative email list, Marshall has come under fire for refusing to answer questions about immigration (and other things). When asked whether he would support patriotic Arizona-style anti-immigration laws for Missouri, he apparently refused to answer and was rude to questioners. Some critics are now calling him "Nick 'La Raza' Marshall," implying that he cares more about Mexicans than he does about hard-working Missourians.

Lexi Norris, apparently, could have played the anti-immigration card in her campaigning, but, being pro-Mexican and anti-American worker herself, she refused to take this easy, albeit patriotic, route to victory.

Harvard labor economist George Borjas has extensively published that both illegal and legal immigration are depressing American wages (as well as causing many other problems). It's a shame that both Marshall and Norris have declared war upon struggling workers in Missouri.

Regardless, if the allegations are true, Nick Marshall will probably be a sitting duck in the next election. Either an anti-immigration Republican in the primary or an anti-immigration Democrat in the election should easily be able to defeat him.