Monday, June 10, 2013

Is the Nelson-Atkins going ghetto?

Review: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Masterpieces of Modern Mexico, from the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Is the Nelson-Atkins going ghetto?

By J. Randolph Swope

As has previously been noted both about the KC schools and the KC Ballet, it seems that the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is also going ghetto.  But before I even begin on the "Masterpieces of Modern Mexico," a few words about the Nelson in general.

The Nelson-Atkins has been in full decline for the past decade or so.  The canary in the coalmine was the building of the hideous new wing to the museum.  Whether the wing more resembles a cheap-looking shopping mall or a low-rent airport, I'll leave it to readers.  Regardless, this Walmart aesthetic disgraces the majesty of the original structure of the museum.

Now, on to the new Cultural Marxist exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins.  Yes, I use 'Cultural Marxist' because the motivation behind this exhibit is pure political correctness -- nothing more.  You know, it's all about diversity.

Of course, the last thing proponents of such diversity want is real diversity -- such as the recognition of human biodiversity.  Or the fact that Mexico is a dung-heap of a civilization.  Countless studies show that Mexicans aren't very bright people, and the cause of this lower average Mexican IQ is probably genetic.  But don't let this stop the Cultural Marxists from elevating mestizo artists alongside Michelangelo and Vermeer.

In short, such an exhibit, which appeals to Cultural Marxists, those without any class, or those with lower IQs, only demonstrates that, unfortunately, the Nelson-Atkins, once a great treasure of KC, is slowly going ghetto.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Are the Best Schools in the Kansas City Metroplex?

What Are the Best Schools in the Kansas City Metroplex?

By J. Randolph Swope

Short answer:  there are none.

While Pembroke Hill was long considered the quintessential WASP school of Kansas City, it has succumbed to the pressures of Cultural Marxism.  Through massive affirmative action, 23% of the student body is now minority. In short, my friends, Pembroke Hill is going ghetto. It's not worth the money.

And what about minorities?  While North Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are not a problem - in fact, they're usually great students - blacks and mestizos will inevitably bring down the quality of a school. Yes, despite all the propaganda you've heard, racial differences in IQ do exist.

As Robert Weissberg notes in Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, only a small percentage of a school has to become black before the school begins to decline academically.

It's odd that school administrators are bending over backwards to promote diversity, when the largest study ever done on diversity shows that racial diversity destroys institutions

While many public school districts in the Kansas City area were at one time exceptional (e.g. Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, Park Hill,  Lee's Summit, etc.) all these have the same Trojan Horse:  apartment complexes.  These apartment complexes are now the landing pads of blacks and mestizos fleeing from the inner city, bringing multiple problems to these school districts.  Not to mention that many public school educators are idiots who are more interested in promoting political correctness than knowledge.  (Read the outstanding blogger EdRealist for documentation.)

There are some religious schools, but many of these are run by fundamentalist wackos who seem more interested in reducing their inclusive fitness in adopting Haitian children than quality education.  Not to mention many are hostile toward Darwinism, the greatest politically incorrect discovery of our age.

What schools offer a traditional WASP curriculum?  I mean a Euro-centric curriculum, High Culture, Advanced Mathematics, Science, Darwinism, Latin, German and French, et al?

The answer:  Homeschool.  Sadly, that may now be the best school in Kansas City.

And before you begin in the comments to call me the R-word, the only R-word I am is a realist.  The British economist Martin Sewell sums it up best: "So-called racism is a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatized by the politically correct West."  Time for us to think more like the Chinese.

A special thanks to Tony's Kansas City

A special thanks to Tony's Kansas City 

By Edward  J.  "Teddy" Stanton Jr.

I'd like to thank Tony's Kansas City for his mention of the Kansas City Gazette. To show my appreciation, I'll have to take him out for a night on the town, my treat, a la Chateau Heartiste style.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Censored News from Kansas City

Blog Posts from Kansas City Area.  Yes, we like to promote other local talent, especially those covering politically incorrect stories that the MSM censor.

Someone brought to our attention the blog Kansas Citian.  Everyone should bookmark this blog; it's quite good.

Some highlights:

"Obama Determined to Re-inflate Housing Bubble"

"Emerging Majority Drives Stockton, CA into Bankruptcy"

"Demographics Explain KS Test Score Advantage"

"The [Anti-White] Racists are Coming to Kansas City"

"The Myth Amnesty will Help Republicans Among Hispanic Voters"

"The Myth America is a Nation of Immigrants"

National News:

Flaherty:  Black mobs loot American cities

Kirkpatrick:  "What's At Stake In The Latest Amnesty/ Immigration Surge War"

Brimelow: "Thatcher Distrusted Mexicans, And Indians Too"

Borjas:  Legal and Illegal Immigration Driving Down American Wages

Cochran:  "What Is Cultural Marxism?"

Now you have your reading homework.  Pop quiz will be coming soon.  Study up!

Review: Nutcracker, the Kansas City Ballet goes Ghetto

Review: Nutcracker, the Kansas City Ballet goes Ghetto 

By J. Randolph Swope

I was in Kansas City last December and saw the KC Ballet performance of the Nutcracker. I meant to write about it at the time but ended up wintering at my Switzerland residence, forgot about it, and then was reminded upon my recent return to the city of fountains and mayor with the rapper son.

Where to start....

First of all, the Kaufmann Center is ugly as sin. It's like watching a performance in a cheap-looking shopping mall crossed with a tacky airport. As someone else noted, "It's the Walmart of performing arts centers."

Second, this is hands down the worst performance of the Nutcracker I've ever seen. It was like watching some Cultural Marxist rendition of ballet, a perverted shadow of an original.

Following the protocols of political correctness, the producers / directors of this show cast a black girl to play the lead child, Clara.

Either these directors are historically illiterate, failing to realize that upper-class ethnic Russians under the Tsar were white, not black. Or the directors are so brainwashed by political correctness, they prefer to tell historical lies.

I suspect a little bit of both.

 Regardless, it was a painful performance to watch. At one point it looked as if "Clara" was breaking out into a "crip walk" more than doing traditional ballet. I had to leave the performance early.

I doubt I'll be going back.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bishop Robert Finn should move to Mexico

By Political Analyst

Bishop Robert Finn should move to Mexico

...since he clearly cares more about Mexicans than hard-working Americans.

The DREAM Act will cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year, add up to 2.1 million workers to our high-unemployment job market, and would "open the door for massive legal immigration through Chain Migration and encourage future incentives for more illegal immigration.”

Harvard labor economist George Borjas has argued extensively that both legal and illegal immigration are depressing American wages.

Since Biship Robert Finn has all but declared war upon American workers, perhaps he should relocated to Mexico.

Join NumbersUSA today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Open-Borders State Rep. Nick Marshall (MO-30) A Sitting Duck?

Nick Marshall MO-30

Open-Borders State Representative (elect) Nicholas Marshall (MO-30) A Sitting Duck?

By Political Analyst

Do you live in the Northland and want to be in the Missouri House? Well, here's your chance....

Apparently, Republican Nicholas A. Marshall (Missouri 30th House District) defeated Lexi Norris yesterday.

On a conservative email list, Marshall has come under fire for refusing to answer questions about immigration (and other things). When asked whether he would support patriotic Arizona-style anti-immigration laws for Missouri, he apparently refused to answer and was rude to questioners. Some critics are now calling him "Nick 'La Raza' Marshall," implying that he cares more about Mexicans than he does about hard-working Missourians.

Lexi Norris, apparently, could have played the anti-immigration card in her campaigning, but, being pro-Mexican and anti-American worker herself, she refused to take this easy, albeit patriotic, route to victory.

Harvard labor economist George Borjas has extensively published that both illegal and legal immigration are depressing American wages (as well as causing many other problems). It's a shame that both Marshall and Norris have declared war upon struggling workers in Missouri.

Regardless, if the allegations are true, Nick Marshall will probably be a sitting duck in the next election. Either an anti-immigration Republican in the primary or an anti-immigration Democrat in the election should easily be able to defeat him.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do I have game? You Damn Well Bet I Do!

Do I have game?  You Damn Well Bet I Do!

By Edward  J.  "Teddy" Stanton Jr.

Although an old timer myself,  I have always fancied myself an alpha wolf on the prowl who can still put the most virile of cubs in their place.  A recent email pointing out blogger Roissy's "Sixteen Commandments of Poon" confirms this:

I. Never say ‘I Love You’ first
II. Make her jealous
III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority
IV. Don’t play by her rules
V. Adhere to the golden ratio
VI. Keep her guessing
VII. Always keep two in the kitty
VIII. Say you’re sorry only when absolutely necessary
IX. Connect with her emotions
X. Ignore her beauty
XI.  Be irrationally self-confident
XII.  Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses
XIII. Err on the side of too much boldness, rather than too little
XIV. Fuck her good
XV. Maintain your state control
XVI.  Never be afraid to lose her

Heck, I've been intuitively following the above before the word 'game' was even in fashion.  Perhaps that's why I'm 51, have a wife (45) with seven legitimate children, and two girlfriends (ages 23 and 27).

Three Worthwhile Happy Hours

Three Worthwhile Happy Hours

By Edward  J.  "Teddy" Stanton Jr.

If looking to save a buck in these impoverished times, economize by visiting one of these three happy hours:

The Fou Frog happy hour (Tues. - Fri., 4:30 - 6:30) features discounted mussels, a meat and cheese plate, oysters, and a goat-cheese salad, among other things.  The inviting atmosphere created by the proprietors  makes for idle conversation and pleasant unwinding.   (Apparently Fou Frog will now offer lunch on Thursdays as well.)

The recently reopened downtown Parkville Piropos Grille (Tue. - Fri., 5 - 7, and Thur. all night) features discounted drinks, cocktail shrimp and tamales.  Eat, drink and enjoy the view overlooking historic Parkville. 

Webster House (Wed. - Sat., 4:30 - 6) features  $3 items on its happy hour menu, such as olives and truffle french fries, and includes many $7 cocktails like a Kir Royale, Gimlet or Old Fashioned.  Webster House may well have the most beautiful decor of any KC restaurant, including stately furniture and an august ambiance.  If you've never been, use this happy hour as an excuse to visit.