Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Worthwhile Happy Hours

Three Worthwhile Happy Hours

By Edward  J.  "Teddy" Stanton Jr.

If looking to save a buck in these impoverished times, economize by visiting one of these three happy hours:

The Fou Frog happy hour (Tues. - Fri., 4:30 - 6:30) features discounted mussels, a meat and cheese plate, oysters, and a goat-cheese salad, among other things.  The inviting atmosphere created by the proprietors  makes for idle conversation and pleasant unwinding.   (Apparently Fou Frog will now offer lunch on Thursdays as well.)

The recently reopened downtown Parkville Piropos Grille (Tue. - Fri., 5 - 7, and Thur. all night) features discounted drinks, cocktail shrimp and tamales.  Eat, drink and enjoy the view overlooking historic Parkville. 

Webster House (Wed. - Sat., 4:30 - 6) features  $3 items on its happy hour menu, such as olives and truffle french fries, and includes many $7 cocktails like a Kir Royale, Gimlet or Old Fashioned.  Webster House may well have the most beautiful decor of any KC restaurant, including stately furniture and an august ambiance.  If you've never been, use this happy hour as an excuse to visit. 

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