Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Kansas City Restaurant Rankings

2010 Restaurant Rankings of Greater Kansas City Area

 By KC Food Critic

(5 stars - 1 star.  It is difficult to make star list, so even a 1-star ranking is prestigious.

Only 5-star and 4-star restaurants are updated annually, so other listings may not be up to date.

Based on criteria of Michelin Restaurant Guide ranking, Mobil Traveler's Guide,  Forbes and Zagat.  Includes Kansas City proper and surrounding areas (Overland Park, KS, etc.).

Greater Kansas City Area

5-Star Restaurants

4-Star Restaurants
American Restaurant

3-Star Restaurants
Café Des Amis (Parkville)
Café Provence (Prairie Village)
Fou Frog
Michael Smith’s
Plaza III Steakhouse
Starker's Reserve
Tatsu's (Prairie Village)
Webster House

2-Star Restaurants
Avenues Bistro
Benton’s Steakhouse
Bristol - Downtown
Cafe Trio
Capital Grille
Classic Cup Cafe
Garozzo's Ristorante
Grand Street Café
Hotel Phillips’ 12 Baltimore
Hyatt-Regency’s Peppercorn Duck Club
Il Centro
Hereford House
InterContinental’s Oak Room
Lidia's Kansas City
Marina Grog & Galley (Lees Summit)
Morton’s Steakhouse
Pot Pie
Piropos (Parkville)
Raphael Hotel’s Chaz on the Plaza
Room 39
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Savoy Grill

1-Star Restaurants
Andre’s Tearoom
Cafe at Briarcliff
Cafe Sebastienne
Cascone's Italian Restaurant
Cafe Cedar
Extra Virgin
The Farmhouse
Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue
Golden Ox
Hardware Cafe (Liberty)
Hotel President’s Drum Room
J. Gilbert's Wood Fired Steaks (Overland Park)
Jess & Jim's Steak House
Lill’s on 17th
McCormick & Schmick's
Mike & Charlie’s
O'Dowd's Little Dublin
Paulo & Bill Restaurant (Shawnee)
Phoenix Piano Bar & Grill
R Bar
Raoul's Velvet Room (Overland Park)
Rheinland (Independence)
Ricco’s (Overland Park)
Salvatore's (Independence)
Stephenson's Apple Farm [closed?]
V's Italiano (Independence)
Yia Yia's Eurobistro (Overland Park)

Surrounding Cities

Excelsior Springs

1-Star Restaurants
Ventana Gourmet Grill

Platte City

1-Star Restaurants
Shields Manor Bistro

St. Joseph

1-Star Restaurants
36th Street Food & Drink Company            [Closed?]


3-Star Restaurants
Justus Drugstore


2-Star Restaurants
Avalon Cafe

1-Star Restaurants
America Bowman

KC Food Critic has a graduate degree from a top-tier university and has lived and worked in Europe numerous years.  Send comments and suggestions to: occfoodcritic[at]


  1. Andre's Tearoom is on both the two star and the one star... 1.5 star?

  2. Is the "KC Food Critic" the retired British restaurant critic who moved to KC last year that has been on the news?

  3. I recommend you head back across the pond.

  4. yep, the Michelin guide would at least have had the names correct...Julian not Julian's and Grunauer not Grunauer's...amongst others...just sayin

  5. This is an awesome guide

  6. Good list...

    Too people eat at chain restaurants (which just import premade food from China, India and Mexico). Eat at locally owned restaurants like in the list above.

  7. .. I think the guy who did this lis is related to the Kempers...

  8. With all due respect, this list is awful. At no point in the last 10 years would Plaza III be rated above Capital Grille. Bluestem is head and shoulders above the rest of the 3 star list. Classic Cup, Carmen's, Pot Pie, and Trio are listed above Farmhouse, E.V., Gilbert's and McCormick's? Those restaurants are lumped in with V's, Stephenson's, O'Dowd's, Strouds, and Smugglers? Smugglers? Has anyone been to Smugglers in 10 years? Some more needs to be said of the criteria (Mobil for example uses Morton's and Ruth's in the definition of 3 star) and what the qualifications of the critic are. He lived in Europe? I've been to Napa, but it doesn't make me a sommelier. Smugglers???

  9. I remember when KC Food Critic's list used to be private and sent around via email. He finally agreed to let it be posted online?

  10. Capital Grille is a chain. No serious food reviewer would give it a very high ranking.

  11. This is not a trustworthy list. There are misspellings all over the place ("Justice" Drugstore?) which belie the critic's credentials and professionalism. Some typos ("Avenue's" Bistro, e.g.) lead me to believe that the reviewer either isn't very smart, doesn't do his homework or isn't a very good writer. Also, Zest is closed, Re:Verse is closed and Il Trullo has been closed for something like 3 years.

    Plus, it just doesn't feel right. Cascone's, Smuggler's Inn, The Phoenix? Jess & Jim's above Extra Virgin? And what's with all the chains? Why should we trust this anonymous critic?

    This seems like a desperate attempt to manufacture credibility and buzz. I'll warrant that the writer has not visited even half of the restaurants on the list. It reeks of being compiled through nothing more than internet research. Hell, this guy may not even live here.

    I appreciate honest and forthright attempts to list favorite restaurants, but don't pretend to be something you are clearly not.

    1. Justus is the correct spelling.

  12. This is a very high-brow list as far as KC goes

  13. Well, terrific. Another pretentious blogger, quoting an even more pretentious continental foodie. Blogger named Swope, no less. J. Randolph Swope? (Hi Jaye. Are you related to Darla Jaye?) Where's the Corner Cafe? Oh, its up north. Ewww. Too close to the oil company storage tanks, too close to the BNSF railroad.

    I will agree that the new arts center is damned ugly. Israeli designer, huh? Somebody in Leawood have to be paid off? Somebody should build a taco stand next to it...sign of what's to come in KC.

  14. DLC,

    Thanks for the perspective. This is our first blog post so it ran into some unfortunate problems. The list that KC Food Critic gave us was in Word and the auto-correct had made some undesired changes (e.g. Justus to Justice, etc.) and corrupted the text from the copy and paste to this blog (hence some of the typos). He also put in Smuggler's Inn as a joke, thinking people would find it droll, but apparently not. We removed it. As his criteria state, he doesn't update the first and second star restaurants every year, so he was unaware of a few of the closings (e.g. ReVerse). Thanks for the input.

  15. But what about Charlie Hooper's?

  16. Interesting list. Didn't know that "Stephenson's Apple Farm" is still around.

  17. I'm not going to blow his cover but if you ever visit The American on Friday nights you'll know who the KC Food Critic is. They say there is only one thing he likes more than food (coy women).

  18. Hmmm... With all the "Anonymous" comments, especially the one before this one, I'm beginning to wonder if KC Food Critic isn't writing these comments himself. I have to agree with DLC. (I believe Kansas Bob is correct--Stephenson's restaurant is closed.)

  19. this list is elitist bullshit....what about regular places regular people eat? houstons? olive garden? macaroni grill? cheesecake factory?